Uke no Sangensoku

The four Principles of Receiving



The ability to deflect an attack without using harsh blocks. (Floating).  The body is moved slightly off of the line of attack so that the attacking technique is evaded, but at a close enough angle that the power of the opponent's attack can be used to increase the force of the counterattack.



The ability to judge your counterattack’s impact before your opponents attacking momentum has stopped.  Inasu is also dodging and or deflecting, often dropping the body to move under, inside, or around an attacker's technique



The ability to move the body as a target out of the line of attack using a simultaneous defense/offense technique. (Riding) or moving in contact with the opponent as a means of controlling the opponent's technique or body movement.



The ability to move closer to and getting inside an opponent's technique to create an opening.


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