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Karate-do means "The way of the Chinese hand" or "The Way of the empty hand" depending on which characters are used.

Wado Ryu Karate basics consist of punching, kicking, blocking, guarding, striking, joint twisting and prearranged and free-style. Equally emphasized and fundamental to Wado is taisabaki - body shifting to avoid the full brunt of an attack. These are techniques that are derived from swordsmanship. The atemi techniques of jujitsu have had a strong influence in the formation of wado karate. Along with nage-waza (throwing techniques) of jujitsu.

Training differs widely but most of the Karate styles emphasize a fairly equal measure of basic technique training (kihon), sparring (kumite), and forms (kata). Forms are stylized patterns of attacks and defenses done in sequence for training purposes.

An art of self-defense as well as a sport, Karate has in recent decades proliferated worldwide. It is one of the most widely practiced of the Asian martial arts, with a large following in the U.S., Japan and Europe.



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